četrtek, 28. julij 2011


Preljubi in preljube,
plane tickets booked! Ker smo vas tako nehumano omejili na 10 kg prtljage, nam bivši predsednik Uroš priporoča ogled posnetka o prof. pakiranju (klik) :)!

Od 6. 10. 2011 do 10. 10. 2011 bomo, poleg Špancev, Italijanov, Švedov, Francozov, Američanov in Japoncev, prepevali na Sardiniji:

The Festival is organized by C.U.M. Centro Universitario Musicale di Cagliari (Sardinia) since 1992, has arrived at the 20th edition.
The Festival, along the past years became an important meeting point in the musical culture of Sardinia. Concordia Vocis is a high artistic level Festival. All the participating groups are winners of international Choral competitions as well as new groups that take part in the international music contest. Every year the Festival offers around 20 different concerts during September and October. Half of them are in Cagliari and the rest in the regional territory, in different cities. Concordia Vocis gives the opportunity to every single group of performing a completely free repertoire, in this way every group can show their own bests qualities and their artistic potential. During the past editions the Festival hosted more than 130 choral groups, 3000 singers coming from the five different continents. The concert’s locations are mostly great monuments, churches an theatre, with very good acoustic. The 2011 edition will host groups from Spain, Sweden, France, Slovenia, Italy, and for the first time this year to groups from U.S.A. and Japan.

Več o festivalu na tej povezavi!

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